Tuesday, April 30, 2024

[0,1] - Defining the SCOPE of Project Base '23

Our outlook will continue into Phase 2, and this is excellent news for our course of research and has added tremendous value in Phase 0.00.

In the context of a mathematical model, such as a probability distribution, the distinction between variables and parameters was described by Bard as follows: 

 We refer to the relations which supposedly describe a certain physical situation, as a model. Typically, a model consists of one or more equations. The quantities appearing in the equations we classify into variables and parameters. The distinction between these is not always clear cut, and it frequently depends on the context in which the variables appear. Usually a model is designed to explain the relationships that exist among quantities which can be measured independently in an experiment; these are the variables of the model. To formulate these relationships, however, one frequently introduces "constants" which stand for inherent properties of nature (or of the materials and equipment used in a given experiment). These are the parameters.

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